20 min go anywhere workout

So a workout you can do pretty much anywhere, at home, in your office, in a hut or even on a dry section of track.

1. Two min warm up, star jumps, jog on the spot or similar.
2. One min calf raises left leg
3. One min calf raises right leg
4. One min squats
5. One min lunges right leg forward
6. One min lunges left leg forward
7. One min crunches
8. One min push ups
9. One min tricep push ups right arm
10. One min tricep push ups left arm.
Repeat minus the warm up

11. Cool down as long as it takes to reduce your heart rate.

This comes in handy on those days where you don’t have much time to get a workout in. Ad a run for a good cardio and strength session.

Easy to extend the length by repeating more times.