Summit 8000, Andrew Lock


Summit 8000

Andrew Lock


Summit 8000 by Andrew Lock is more than a chronicle of climbs, camps, dates and times it is a window into the mind of a man who continually pushes himself to succeed

Andrew writes with an Australian matter of fact, no bullshit frankness which enables him to tell his story and his philosophy with integrity. It feels as if you are sitting in a kitchen tent with him listening to the story first hand.

Being the first Australian and the first person from the British Commonwealth to climb all fourteen 8000 meter mountains is a huge achievement only made available through decades of striving not only on mountains but in training and planning.

Copies can be purchased from Andrew Locks web site


Ueli Steck

Ueli Steck, Known as “The Swiss Machine” is at the cutting edge of alpine climbing. His achievements are outstanding and inspiring to all of us who can only dream of climbing at this level. In typical style his training is like a Swiss watch, calculated, precise and effective. His dedication to his pursuits is unending.

Ueli is best known for his Uncanny speed climbing ability with Continue reading