Summit 8000, Andrew Lock


Summit 8000

Andrew Lock


Summit 8000 by Andrew Lock is more than a chronicle of climbs, camps, dates and times it is a window into the mind of a man who continually pushes himself to succeed

Andrew writes with an Australian matter of fact, no bullshit frankness which enables him to tell his story and his philosophy with integrity. It feels as if you are sitting in a kitchen tent with him listening to the story first hand.

Being the first Australian and the first person from the British Commonwealth to climb all fourteen 8000 meter mountains is a huge achievement only made available through decades of striving not only on mountains but in training and planning.

Copies can be purchased from Andrew Locks web site


“I Chose To Climb” by Chris Bonington

I chose to climb photo from

I chose to climb photo from

With Christmas passing I found myself with a new book to read and that book I couldn’t put down was “I chose to climb” by Chris Bonington.

This book takes you on a down to earth journey with the author through his formative climbing years through to his ascent of the Eiger North Face.

Unlike some mountaineering books where the author takes an almost super human perspective to their exploits Chris Bonington shares his fears and lets you know he faces the same challenges with you. Through out this book you get a sense of the authors growing skill and competence as he climbs with different partners including Don Whilllans (The Villain).

If you are going to buy any book in the next few months add this to your list if you haven’t already read it.


Ed Viesturs, The Will To Climb

ISBN-13: 9780307720429

Ed Viesturs, just mentioning his name gives an image of perhaps the most accomplished mountaineer of the modern age. Having “Closed the Loop” or climbing all 14 of the worlds mountains above Continue reading

Beyond Seven Years In Tibet, Heinrich Harrer

Heinrich Harrer is best known for climbing the Eiger North Face and writing Seven Years in Tibet and The White Spider.

This book chronicles Harrer’s other Continue reading

Sheer Will, Michael Groom

If ever you wanted a mountaineering book that shows the determination of the author, his courage, strength and ability to overcome setbacks that would stop most people then this is the book for you.

The book follows Michaels journey Continue reading

Defying Gravity Defying Fear, Heather Swan

This is a book I first read many years ago and found it to be very inspiring, well written and it makes you feel like you are there sharing this amazing journey.

It’s the story of a woman meeting a man, being inspired, challenged and Continue reading

Above The Clouds, Anatoli Boukreev

So many people have an opinion of Anatoli based on material written post 1996 Everest disaster. What ever your opinion about that tragic year this is a great book. To me a mountaineering book should not just be a camp to camp description of climbing a hill, but take you on a Continue reading