Silver Falls with a Toddler.

Archer at Silver Falls

Archer at Silver Falls

Just over two years ago this little man came into my life and since then I have been awaiting the day that I could share my love of the outdoors with him.

As such this is the beginning of a long anticipated series of walks that I will be sharing with Archer.

Silver Falls, Mount Wellington.

The first part of this walk is along the Pipeline Track departing from Fern Tree on the flanks of Mount Wellington. The suggested walking time is 15 minutes each way, with a toddler allow double that time.

Walk along the Pipeline Track for approximately 15 minutes making sure you pick up all the rocks, sticks and bits of bark that you find and exclaim “ROCK, DADDY ROCK” every 25-30 seconds. You will come to a long bend and a sign post pointing up hill to Silver Falls. Follow this track to the base of the falls, the track can be a bit slippery and for little legs could seem steep.

Take some photos and have a good look around, before retracing your steps back along the Pipeline Track.

With the aim of getting Archer used to carrying his own pack when walking (future proofing) he carried his own Mini Mac Macpac pack which contained some snacks, wipes, 2 nappies and his drink bottle.

Now when ever his pack comes out he says “BUSHWALK” and heads to the car.

Stay tuned for another walk next week!

3 thoughts on “Silver Falls with a Toddler.

  1. That’s brilliant. My son is nearly 16 months old and running around and climbing things. I’m looking forward to him taking his first proper hike under his own steam and it’s great to see your boy enjoying his first bush walk.

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