Non Cessation of Posts

Hi Everyone,

After a busy 12 months of work and no time to get out walking, 3 expeditions that did not get away, a forced redundancy at work and a busy life with a 12 month old son I have decided to call it quits on posting to this site and take a break from the outdoor life.

But not without learning some lessons from it, when I was 15 or 16 I decided that I wanted to make a living from my passion for being outside and exploring new places. I ditched the mainstream subjects at school and focused on the outdoor education classes, my days were full of climbing, abseiling, hiking, kayaking and so forth. I did well in those subjects and my passion grew and when a bit of casual work came my way I jumped at the chance to be able to buy some better gear and plan some epic trips. That casual position turned into a fulltime one and the trips kept coming and the gear piling up.

This was the cycle for years to come, work, trip, gear and repeat. Eventually I got sick of the positions that I was employed for and would leave the job hoping to find employment in the outdoor sector only to end up doing something else again that was so distant from my idea out of necessity.

Its still somewhat the case these days, I plan a trip, gear up, get ready and occasionally I pull them off. However, the cost this cycle has taken on my ability to create an income for my family, the qualifications that every employer looks for these days and the constant battle between trips and finance has led me to the conclusion that this passion has cost me a lot. a lot of money on gear, a lot of missed opportunities and a lot of set backs. It is simply not worth the cost anymore (in my eyes, anyway).

I will leave page up for people to view and use the information.



Well that did not last long, I had only decided to stop hiking for a few weeks and get on with life, so to speak.

Then yesterday I found myself with free time, before I could realize what was happening I was wandering around Mt Wellington enjoying an audio book and the cool crisp air. It was only a few hours but when I got home my disposition had changed, I was in a great mood. The worries had gone and the knowledge that I have so much life left to live ahead of me and I don’t need to have it all together yet. I can just enjoy now, there is a future that will happen in the, future.
Hiking develops my character and restores me and that will serve me when I come into that future one day.

Boots on people, the future awaits.

4 thoughts on “Non Cessation of Posts

  1. This is so sad! Please don’t stop completely. Do take the time to build things up again but once you strike a new balance I know you’ll find a way to venture outdoors. All the best and thanks for keeping the site up.

    Best wishes.

    Until your return.

  2. Blogs eat away at your time, so perhaps this should be the first thing to go (but we will miss you!)
    Try to find time for the outdoors – that boy of yours will thank you in the future as he learns what fun there is to be had.
    Good luck.

  3. So sorry to hear that, but agree with the other commenters, don’t give it up completely. Try to still put up a post every now and then. I’ve similarly had very little time for keeping my blog going these last 12 months and really only post whenever I get out there, which is not a lot at the moment. I still want to keep it alive though, so I hope you do too and definitely teach your son the joys of the outdoors. Best of luck.

  4. I’m sad to read this…An unfortunate reality of our lives that our need for $ takes us away from the ground beneath our feet. I hope you have a chance to return to the wild, even if it’s in a lesser capacity, to recharge from time to time.

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